Colorado  Plateau  Links

Weather Underground

An alternate to The Weather Channel

Mountain West News

"Formerly titled - Headwaters News"   (still very good) Daily news from The Center for the Rocky Mountain West at The University of Montana.

Environmental News Service

Daily news updates - national/international coverage.

The Daily Grist

Daily news updates - environmental national/international coverage.

High Country News

"The High Country News" a bi-weekly newspaper covers 11 western states. - (As good as it gets).

Canyon Country Zephyr

"Canyon Country Zephyr" - a bi-monthy Internet only newspaper centered in the Moab, UT region. - (Very good).

The Grand Canyon Trust

Organization devoted to protecting and restoring The Colorado Plateau.

The Natural Arch & Bridge Society (NABS)

Active site - great information - photos - nationwide and international coverage of these natural features.

Bob's Arches

Inactive site - photos - descriptions - NABS is maintaining the site as a memorial to Bob Fagley who passed away 11/3/13 at 92.


Active site - very good photo collection of Colorado Plateau arches - based out of France.

The American Southwest

Active large site - a resource for this region.

Joe's Guide to Zion National Park

Active site - trip reports - great photos (Possibly the best guide to Zion N.P. on the Internet)

Hit the Trail - Grand Canyon & the Southwest

Active site - trip reports - photos - information - (Focus of site is in and around The Grand Canyon).

Grand Canyon Explorer

Active site - trip reports - photos - interactive maps - links (A large site and active since 1994).

Cathedral in the Desert

Active site - Articles, Media Library & Data Center on this natural wonder submerged under Powell Reservoir - some great photos.

Travels with the Blonde Coyote

Very active site Based out of New Mexico but traveling the country in a teardrop trailer - some great photos and trip reports on the Colorado Plateau also.


Very active site - Based out of Grand Junction Colorado - great photography and trip reports.

Back Country Post

Based out of Salt Lake City - Mostly Colorado Plateau area - great photos and trip reports - registration required.

The Hayduke Trail

A new back country trail across the Colorado Plateau.

Carrot Quinn

A serious thru-hiker with a very entertainng blog describing her traverse of The Hayduke Trail - See Index.


New site devoted to celebrating the unique natural landscapes of the great State of Utah.- articles, photos and trip reports.

Waterfalls Map

Good terrain or satellite based maps of Waterfall locations in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico can be found in this database.

New Mexico Waterfalls

A serious study of New Mexico waterfalls with photos.

Wilderness Vagabond

Active site - large trip reports section - photos.

Arizona Strip - BLM Office

Northern Arizona/Southern Utah BLM site - (Permits).

Adventure Hikes and Canyoneering in the Southwest

Inactive site - good trip reports - photos.

Explore New Mexico

Active site - hiking trip reports - photos - (excellent flora fauna information on each hike).

Fans of The Sangre de Christo Mountains

Resource site for Southern Colorado & Northern New Mexico - maps - photos - general information & history.

Sandia Mountains Hiking Guide

Active site - trip reports - photos - maps - GPS coordinates - (Albuquerque, New Mexico area).

Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona

Dedicated to the preservation, promotion and protection of both the surface and memories of this magnificent old highway.

New Mexico Route 66 Association

Association devoted to Route 66 through New Mexico - Images - Maps - Magazine.

Colorado Scenic Byways

Official Colorado CODOT State site.

New Mexico Scenic Byways

Official New Mexico State site.

Arizona Scenic Drives

Arizona Highways Scenic Drives site.

Utah Scenic Byways

Official Utah State site.

American Canyoneering Academy

Active site - formerly The American Canyoneering Associations site. (a serious canyoneering site).

Todds Desert Hiking Guide

active site - has moved to Facebook for newer material - trip reports - photos -maps - flora fauna - (a serious canyoneering site).

CUSA - Canyoneering USA

Active site - Previously Tom's Utah Canyoneering Guide - trip reports - photos - maps - (a serious canyoneering site).

Average Joe Road Trips

A very slick site with trip reports on canyoneering, climing and hiking - focus is canyoneering.


Active site - canyoneering, hiking & climbing trip reports - directions - maps - GPS coordinates - photos.

Slot Canyon's of the American Southwest

Slot canyon section of "The American Southwest" Internet site above.


(largest Internet mountaineering site) Very active site - trip reports - photos - links.

Active site - Trip Reports - Forum - Photos of routes - Trailhead info specific to Colorado 14ners - extremely good site.

Active site - Trip Reports - Covers N. & S. America, Africa, Asia, Europe - They list backcountry bear box locations. (very good site)

Active site - lists of mountain ranges and peaks worldwide - information - (Goal of site is to have largest peak list on the Internet).

Thousand Peaks

Active site - trip reports & photos from hikes, climbs in the Sierra Nevada's, Great Basin, Southwestern Peaks & Rockies.

Mick's Mountain Page

Inactive site with trip reports and photos in mostly the Wasatch Range of Northern Utah - links - information.

Colorado Rocky Mountain Trip Reports

Large inactive site with over 1000 trip reports of climbs - photos. (Owner is keeping site online until it is decided how to proceed.)

National Park Service - (NPS)

(National Park Service's main site) Provides access to all Internet sites of public lands managed by the National Park Service. (84 million acres)

United States Forest Service - (USFS)

United States Forest Service main site - provides access to all 176 National Forests Internet sites. (191 million acres)

Bureau of Land Management - (BLM)

(U.S. land area = 2.3 billion acres) Bureau of Land Management's main site - provides access to Internet sites for 261 million acres managed by the BLM.

U S Fish & Wildlife

United States Fish and Wildlife's main site - provides access to all 544 Wildlife Refuge Internet sites. (93 million acres)

National Wild & Scenic Rivers System

BLM managed Wild & Scenic Rivers site. (1/4 of 1% of the river miles in the U.S. are protected as Wild and Scenic Rivers.)

National Landscape Conservation System

(BLM - 15 National Monuments) Site covers Wilderness Areas, Wilderness Study Areas, National Recreation Areas & National ScenicHistoric Trails.

National Natural Landmarks Program

Program of nearly 600 natural landmarks on public & private land administered by the National Park Service.

United States Geologic Survey

(USGS) United States Geologic Survey main site - news, maps, publications, 21,600 photos in archive, "The National Map".

National Scenic Byways

(administered by the U.S. Department of Transportation - Federal Highway Administration) National Scenic Byways program's main site - 96 designated byways in 39 states - maps, travel itineraries,links, photos. Wilderness Areas Map

A great "Google Earth" style satellite map of the entire United States showing the outlines of all wilderness areas.

Google Earth

(this is not the Google Internet Map program but a completely separate downloadable map program) An interactive map and satellite database of the entire planet and cosmos. This link will take you to the free 14 Meg download.

Bing Maps

A very good and highly detailed aerial map.


Commercial Site - Home of all 50 state Gazetteers, Street Atlas and Topo USA software.

National Geographic Maps

Commercial Site - Home to the "Trails Illustrated" map series and software programs.


Commercial Site - High quality shaded relief maps of North America, The United States & all 50 individual States.

Color Landform Atlas of the United States

free site - A variety of map types of each state - shaded relief maps, county maps, 1895 maps, black & white maps, satellite maps.

The Wilderness Society

The grandfather organization of wilderness protection in the United States founded in 1935.

Wilderness. Net is a partnership project of the Wilderness Institute at The Univ. of Montana's College of Forestry and Conservation, the Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center and the Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute

Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

Thirty year old organization still devoted to saving Utah's spectacular wild lands from the state of Utah.

New Mexico Wilderness Alliance

A forum for organizations and businesses to join in the effort to protect New Mexico's wild places as Wilderness.

Conservation Colorado

working to protect Colorado's air, land, water, and communities.

Arizona Wilderness Coalition

A group of individuals and organizations whose mission is to protect and restore wilderness lands and waters in Arizona.

Friends of Nevada Wilderness

A wilderness education and advocacy group that strives to keep Nevada's wild places wild.

The Wyoming Wilderness Association

A wilderness organization founded in the 1970's to fight for Wyoming wilderness designation.

The Idaho Conservation League

Founded in 1973 The Idaho Conservation League works preserves Idaho's clean water, wilderness and quality of life.

The Montana Wilderness Association

Established in 1958 to educate and organize people to protect Montana's wild lands.

California Wilderness Coalition

Since 1976 this organization has empowered local communities and conservationist to be the voice for wild California.

Oregon Wild

Established in 1974 to protect and restore Oregon's wildlands.

Washington Wild

Established in 1979 as the Washington Wilderness Coalition to protect wild places in Washington State.

Alaska Wilderness League

Founded in 1993 to further the protection of Alaska's incomparable natural endowment.

American Rivers

Founded in 1973 to address River health issues nationwide.  (Generates the annual 10 most endangered U.S. Rivers list)

International Rivers Network

Founded in 1985 to address unsound river intervention projects worldwide.

Glenn Canyon Institute

Founded in 1996 to promote a healthy Colorado River thru Glen Canyon.

Powell Reservoir water levels

Link to Bureau of Reclamations daily updated reservoir level.

Living Rivers/Colorado Riverkeeper

Founded in 2000 to promote large-scale restoration of the Colorado River system.

Restore Hetch Hetchy

Organization dedicated to restoring and protecting Hetch Hetchy Valley in Yosemite National Park.

Friends of the River

Founded in 1973 and dedicated to preserving and restoring California's Rivers, streams and watersheds.

Save our Wild Salmon

Coalition of organizations devoted to restoring healthy and abundant wild salmon to rivers, streams and oceans of the Pacific Salmon states.

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

(NOAA)Primary source of weather data nationwide.

Open Snow

Active site devoted to snow forcasting across the country.

The Aurora Page

Michigan Techs news and information site on the Northern Lights,  This is a huge resource on this subject.

National Dark Sky Association

An organization that works to protect the night-time environment from light pollution., information, news, links.

GPS Information

The best Internet site on GPS, product reviews, FAQ, software, tutorials, links.

Latitude Longitude Format Conversion

Converts Decimal Degrees to Degrees, Minutes, Seconds & Degrees, Minutes, Seconds to Decimal Degrees.

The Official Geocaching Site

The Internet site that started "Geocaching".

A Geologist's Lifetime Field List

List of worldwide geologic formations that a Geologist should see in his lifetime.

World Waterfalls Database

Desribes itself as the Webs most authoritive source about waterfalls in the world.

Desert Wildflower Watch

This page is located on the Desert USA site

U.S. Forest Service Fall Foliage Site

Links to the seven regional forest areas and current hot spots.


A great outdoor recreation site with a huge database of information nationwide.

A nationwide government outdoor recreation resource site, camping reservations in most National & State Parks and Forests.

Public Lands Interpretive Association

A not for profit organization operated by the Public Lands Interpretative Association.  (A great source for maps in the Western U.S.)

Peak to Peak

Massive list of outdoor related links national/international.

Eric Ridge

My son's web site including his paintings, drawings, illustrations, graphics and writings.

Database and images of steel bridges from every state in the continental United States w/ links. This site was originally titled Historic Bridges of the U.S. untill James Baughn, the founder, passed in December of 2020. The Site is now maintained by

National Ignition Facility

Federal program at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to develop and build an inertial confinement fusion system. (fusion nuclear energy)

Natural Born Hikers

Active site of Hikers from around the country who provide great photos and trip reports from all over the world. Great Site.

Atlas Obscura

A world wide travel site of obscure but intersting sites that include locations in the Colorado Plateau region.

Untraveled Road

Virtual photo guide for the hiker, traveler or outdoorsman.   (photos on this site create a series of images along the route of hikes and roads)

Roadside Peek

Site highlights old motels, neon signs, drive-in theatres, bowling alleys, signage and miscellaneous items disappearing daily.

Roadside America

A travel site online since 1996 devoted to odd and comical tourist attractions.